This is a running list of the sites I like to use to find recipes and information on food:

Sea Food Watch – In order to be a responsible home culinarian, one must abstain from selecting unsustainable foods and opt for the equally delicious, useful and much more sustainable (not to mention more affordable) options. This website helps one find your best options for such decisions in your local area.

Substitutions – Often times I will run out of a vital ingredient or when cooking for others I’ll find that they have food sensitivities or preferences and will have to improvise. I found this article covers many many of the substitutions one might need or want all in one convenient place.

budgetbytes – my favourite food blog. Beth M focuses on packing tons of flavor into every one of her recipes while keeping the tab low. I particularly like that she breaks down the prices of the recipes by price of portion and price of ingredients (very precise, she gives you prices for teaspoons of spices and cloves of garlic and the like).

Smart Kitchen – my girlfriend recommended this to me recently. I haven’t gotten to use it much yet but i really like how it works so far. It’s basically a culinary encyclopedia.  Great resource for looking up terms, reading about ingredients, equipment ect. It’s been quite useful so far.

Good Eats/foodnetwork – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Alton Brown’s Good Eats is the smartest, funniest, most entertaining cooking show I’ve ever seen. What I particularly love about AB is not only does he give you a recipe and how to make it, he goes the extra mile and explains WHY he’s doing what he does. He makes explaining complicated chemical reactions extremely entertaining with his re-occuring characters, sock puppets, and props. It’s basically a kids cooking show for adults. You can view most of the series online at youtube under GoodEatsComplete.

Simply Recipes – Another resource I’ve only just recently discovered but it’s been good to me so far.  I really like how organized everything is from ingredients to holiday/seasons. – basically an online recipe box, it has some nice features however the recipes almost always need adjusting but if you look through the comments people almost always provide some really useful and sometimes even brilliant adjustments.



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