About Me

My name is Sam and as you should know, I’m hungry.

I haven’t always been hungry but since i begun dating a foodie, my taste for food has not only increased but refined.

My heroes in food include (in no particular order):

Alton Brown of the brilliant show Good Eats (seriously, BEST. COOKING. SHOW. EVER.) I aspire to be as knowledgeable, quirky, and entertaining as this man.

Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods. He’s such a brave eater that it’s kinda inspiring. So whenever I go somewhere and see something I wouldn’t normally eat/order, I remember that Andy has probably eaten this several times before.  Also it’s so fun to discover a new dish, such as pork liver and heart soup from this little Vietnamese restaurant I went to in south city a few months ago.

Beth M from budgetbytes. Her frugality and creativity is very inspiring.  I love everything I’ve made from her site so far (Taco rice bowls and mango jasmine rice recipes are among my top favourites).

Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes. This man…for the longest time (and I still haven’t ruled it out) I’ve wanted to work for this man. He’s like the Alton Brown of cakes (I mean AB makes cakes, and some amazing ones at that but if he was to focus on cakes).



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